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Virgo and Aquarius are the two most compatible sun signs in the zodiac as far as friendship is concerned. They have complimenting character traits which enables them to have an amazing chemistry. Virgo friends are more social and cheerful personalities while Aquarius is more practical and reserved. These qualities complement each other quite well and it helps them to become good friends. As a matter of the fact, the ruling planet of Virgo is Mercury and the ruling planets of Aquarius are Saturn and Uranus, so they both are complimenting each other quite well. Saturn represents diplomacy and practicality and Uranus represents balanced nature, stability and consistency. Virgo could teach Aquarius that a planned and set approach always leads to great outcomes and more successful life. Aquarius could also teach Virgo to be more unattached from things and to be more stubborn and balanced in their nature and attitude. Both the friends give their best when working on their shared creative ideas. Virgo would adore in assisting Aquarius in their dreams or goals, as long as they are also part of them. Arguments hardly occur in their smooth flowing friendship relationship and are easily settled with mutual understanding. Once both the friends realize that they are equal partners in their objectives, they strive hard to reach their goals. Virgo are more logical minded and usually give in more often in their arguments than Aquarius. However, the most fascinating element of a relationship between a Virgo and an Aquarius is the intensity of their shared efforts, especially when they work together as a team, they achieve great results. Either friend could be satisfied, feel blessed and comfortable with each other. Patience, co-operation and understanding are the key elements in their friendship and it is a must if they want it to be a long lasting and exciting bonding.

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