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Virgo and Scorpio can be great friends because both the sun signs like finer things in life and both are ambitious and composed in nature. The friendship between Virgo and Scorpio takes time to blossom, but once it does it becomes an unbreakable bond where both the friends enjoy their company and understand each other quite well. Virgo and Scorpio are both sun signs who strive and go after luxury and wealth. Both the sun signs want worldly possessions and a great social status which everyone lusts for. They are very helpful, reliable and inclined to their set goals in life. They are also very helpful to their friends. Virgo people are very silent and composed and Scorpio people are more secretive by nature. Because of their differences, both the signs need to make compromises to each other. The stubborn and secretive nature of the scorpion often causes the virgin to give in and compromise in the relationship. The partners need to really communicate efficiently and discuss their common interests and goals. However, they usually maintain an amiable bond, and arguments are very rare and scarce in the relationship. The most exciting and remarkable element of a friendship between a Virgo and a Scorpio is their ability to work as a team once a strong bond is formed between them, they can achieve great results. Scorpio adore Virgo’s stability and helpful nature and consider them a real benefit to their friendship. The combined efforts and power of Virgo and Scorpio make them an envious pair. They just need to be patient and communicate with each other well. Their bonding increases with time and they soon realize they have many things in common, more than they ever thought.

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