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Virgo man in Bed

It is said that Virgo are the most intense and erotic guys in the bed, they are full of secuction skills and intense foreplay. Sex with a Virgo guy is definitely not for the faint hearted or a very tender woman. These guys consider sex as the most important thimg in their life and they take it seriously. They are also very good at conversations and deep talks, so if you have a Virgo guy, be ready to have some of the most sensual and dirty talks with him which will arouse you like hell and make you rip his clothes off. These guys are also very experimental in the bed amd they can be really creative all the time. They would easily get bored if their partner always prefers having plain sex and is not as enthusiastic as him about sex. She should be equally enthsiastic and experimental in order to have a great time with a virgo in bed.

These guys can be full of surprises and you can be shocked by that side of your guy. So next time don’t be surprised if your Virgo guy asks you to tie up your hands and then do sex or if he brings a wild sex toy to arouse you and himself. Unlike other sun signs, these guys are also very good at foreplay and they consider it as an important part of lovemaking. Virgos are perfectionists and they will pay attention to the minute details in the bed and to your requirements. But some Virgo guys are a little bit reserved in this matter and they need a lot of persuasion and hard work to come out of their shell, but once they come out and open up, you get to see a totally different side of your Virgo guy. One more aspect about a Virgo man is they take utmost pleasure in giving pleasure and satisfaction to their partners. So be assured, you are bound to have the best times with your Virgo guy and he will definately make you reach the most pleasurable and stimulating orgasms you could ever ask for. In order to bring a Virgo guy to the bed, you have to make the first move, sounds strange but yes, Virgo guys have a tendency to let their partners take the initiative.

Overall he might not be as energetic as an Aries or as charming as a Libra guy and they need their own time to accept the fact that they are about to get physical with someone, but if you manage to arouse a Virgo guy, you are bound to have some exciting time with them in the bed because of their underlying passion and will to experiment. Rest assured, you won’t be tired of your sex life if you have a Virgo guy besided you to take care of.


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