Virgo Tattoo


Virgo tattoo is famously donned by the women especially one with Virgo zodiac signs. People who are born in period of 23rd August to 22nd September can have Virgo sign. Virgo is sign of beautiful and innocent woman. The name Virgo stands for the word “virgin” in Latin language. People born on this sign are caring and loyal in nature. They never give up their responsibilities. Virgo people tend to become overstressed and helpless when they need to make decision quickly.

It is said that once gods used to live on the earth but when all the demons came down to earth all of the gods started running back to heaven. A small girl lost her path while returning to her back. She was rewarded for her patience and courage.

There are any other mythological stories associated with Virgo. Let’s read it, it may give you more ideas to have more creative and expressive Virgo tattoo. Here are some of the other stories:

The Virgin Mother Mary:

Mother Mary gave birth to Jesus without conception. She is considered as the flawless lady in the world. She always wears blue cloth on her body.

Lady Justice:

Story tells about a Goddess named Astraea who stood still for the justice but later left when men no longer believed in justice.

Erigone and her dog:

Erigone lost her father so to find him she took her dog Maera with her. After walking for long tey finally found dead body of her father. Sadden by this incident she killed herself by hanging to a tree. The loyal dog did not move from there. He later died of hunger. Though this is a sad story one can make tattoo of small girl and dog to describe the loyal bond between them.

Lady Ceres:

Lady Ceres lost her love Proserpina in Underworld. While she was out finding her love, her land turned into infertile land. Since then she was allowed to plant crops only once in a year and rest of the time she could use to find and meet her lover. One can make interesting Virgo tattoo from this story by showing a lady standing with stalk of wheat n her hand.

The hermit:

In Tarot cards a hermit represents Virgo; the old man with stick and lantern. Its story says that he is a guardian or protector of people. He must lead others to their safety. He prefers to stay alone but cares about others a lot. One can use this story to represent Virgo sign. I guess Virgo man would like to have that tattoo on their arm.

Apart from using Hermit or virgin woman, one can also use the glyph to represent the Virgo. It is the combination of “M” and Christian fish. Fish is arranged with its mouth pointing up direction. Fish is shown to represent the association of virgin lady with water. It is also related to the birth of the Jesus and indirectly establishing pillar of Christianity.


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