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August 23 to September 22








Gold, White, Orange and Red

1, 4, 10, 13, 19, 22

Sapphire, Sardonyx, topaz







Virgo people are mentally stable, clever and believe in being practical. They are independent individuals and take their own decision. They are shy but they prefer serving other people. This is also the reason why they have so many friends to them. They have natural talent of identifying the problems of other people. They are also good critics as they can enlarge any given topic to some extent. They can become a good teacher or a columnist. They like to go outdoors and have fun.



Positive points:

Virgo people are very organized and they like to do their work according to the planning. They are accurate in their work and hence they also get praised from the other people. They are polite, kind person and make others happy in their company. They don’t expect anything in return after doing any work. They are not greedy about fame. Virgo people are intellectual and have good memory. They have ability to analyze the situation and find the answer themselves.

Negative Points:

Virgo believes in helping other people but sometimes people can take advantage of it and Virgo have tendency to become others slave. Virgo people just want to serve the person they love. People can use them for their purpose and then leave them. Ability to criticize someone can create problem in their life as their lover can get irritated by the constant remarks from them. As Virgo person looks for perfection, his partner’s even little mistake can make them impatient. Virgo people start worrying a lot as they grow older. Even small things like, what to wear for party or what color should be of curtains can make them worry. They need to have patience and relax themselves as these small things won’t do any harm. They are too serious and busy in their own life that they probably miss all the fun around.

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Best matches:

Pisces, Taurus, cancer and Capricorn

In-compatible matches:

Aries, Libra, Gemini and Aquarius


A friendship means a lot to Virgo people and they can do anything to keep their friends happy. They tend to do their friends’ work in order to reduce their stress but often find themselves in a very busy schedule. Leo person have habit of making comments on any activity but they should know that nobody likes to be remarked by other person even if it’s from their friend. You must tell them in such way that it doesn’t hurt them. They make friendship which last for long.



people are charming people but they either feel too shy to commit it or they think they are not fitting into their criteria. They also think that opposite sex will take too seriously and things won’t work between them. You can say that they lack confidence and self-esteem. They have fear of rejection and they think they are not attractive at all. Virgo people should have a talk to close friends and take their opinion on it. Once they overcome it, then they will be able to have interactions with opposite sex.

Once Virgo commit to their partner, then they become faithful and loyal to each other. They can become good parents also. They would teach their children good manners leading towards perfection. They would send their children to take part in several social activities and learn from their experiences.

Work life:

They dream of being at the top and keep themselves busy continuously. They would like to work on field works or at outdoors. They can be seen working on survey or farming. They feel good by serving others; hence they can become teacher or doctor. Talking to the students and solving their problems would give them lot of happiness. Same way treating a patient in the hospital can bring peace to them. They can also become a reporter or critic. They have tendency to talk with people and help them solve their problem, which can make them good investigator or policeman.

They are not good at taking responsibility and thus they can’t work at important positions. They feel uncomfortable at such positions. If they are forced to work on such position then they will mess up the things and lose their confidence.

How to Attract Virgo:

Virgo people like to be independent. They have unique ability of testing other people. They prefer thinking before doing anything. Let them have their own space and you will have easier way to get along with them. Avoid being too active around them as they rather prefer calm behavior. They like intellectual things so discuss such things or play logical games with them. Anything that is connected with mind will give them pleasure. Discuss the facts with them. They don’t like wayward talking; show them that you are straight forward while expressing your feelings.

Don’t make them follow your decision as they already have their opinion ready. Don’t give them any reason to worry as it can divert their attention from you. Virgo person will open himself to you when he is ready to make a relation with you.

Cultural Translations

French: Vierge


Portuguese: Virgem


Italian: Virgine


German: Jungfrau


Arabic: Al Adhrã al Nathifah


Chinese: She Sang Neu


Hebrew: Bethülah


Greek: Arista


Hindu: Kanya


Persian: Khosha




Don’t worry about unnecessary problems and spend little time relaxing your continuously working mind. Have some hobbies which will help you divert your mind from other things.

Famous people with Virgo sign:

Queen Elizabeth I, Joseph P. Kennedy, Aristotle Onassis, Mother Teresa, Sean Connery, Tommy Lee Jones, Jimmy Connors, Michael Jackson, Asia Argento, Beyonce Knowles, Brooke Burke, Cameron Diaz, Fiona Apple, Henry Ford II, Henry George, John Cage, John Gunther,


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21 Responses to “Virgo”

  1. My boyfriend was aquarus,we ended up terribly,we don’t match at all!

    • I’am an Aquarius and I can see why.Its hard for me to understand virgo, ther logic and reasoning is so different from my own.I like the Meta-physical and things that deal with intellect.Stick with your earth signs and you will be good.Taurus would be your best bet.

    • I have also found that pairing Virgos with Virgos works very well, too.

  2. mr.mcclinton says:

    virgos are often missunderstood.

  3. onkarabile says:

    am virgo he is libra we are completely different from each other. Thinking ability not the same. And i dnt like being controlled. I love doing thing that work for me.

  4. im very easy on criticising people, i dont do it much. plus my feelings get hurt easily, & i get sad easily… is this normal??

    • Ethan I think im safe to say it is normal for us. I too get my feelings easily hurt,sad a lot more than I would like to be not big on criticizing(do it mostly in my head) lol. I love to make people laugh.

  5. princess ryana l florin says:

    Im a sagittarian his a virgo how can that be possible feeling

    • for some reason I am attracted to sags and I am virgo, it must be because sags are opposite and we are drawn to that I dont know. Im so loving this guy who is a sag and he dont even kno how much because I wont really let him in like that because I’m afraid of the hurt, but eventually I’m going to go for it so wish me well.

      • Kila! I am a Virgo woman currently involved with a Sag man. We are not in a relationship but at the point we are at, we should be by now.. He is frustrating and confusing because I am too afraid to make that next step as I am afraid of getting hurt as well.
        After reading up on both signs, I see so many red flags. My cheeks are flushed at the thought of how incompatible we just might be but that I’m wasting my time with him.. yet I can’t seem to find the strength to pull away.

      • Starr 72 says:

        My Husband is a Sagittaris & we are so wrong for each other. But we have been together for 32 yrs & it has been hell. I cant get away from him. Have tried to leave him a couple of times but he threatens me !

        Virgo & Sagittaris are a NO in my book !!

  6. I am a Virgo, I believe that this defined the Virgo Sign pretty accurately and that there are are some things that are not quite accurate. Such as, Compatible signs; I am married to and Aquarius for five years. What can I say?…Opposites attract.
    So be weary of a Virgo for we may speak our minds but it’s not always at the moment that thought is processed.

  7. I dated a sag once, he was only good in one area. They are too selfish and stingy for us virgos.

  8. I a,m an Aquarius and he is a Virgo we get along pretty well but I can see how we are mot allmthat compatable he’s always working on school work when I want to just go out somewhere and do something diffrent

  9. I am a Virgo as well, and I have come to the conclusion that I do match with some of my traits…but not all of them. I will admit…I am probably the most critical person in my family (which I’m not proud of). At times I can be a bit of a clean freak, but not often. Besides math, I would say I am fairly smart (though I do have my moments). I do think I’m a friendly person and love having fun.

    • hello virgo person are finding perfectionist but all of us are not perfect he or she also outspoken he or she wants hurt sometimes feelings of a man and woman painful words came from here mouth.i dont like the attitude of a virgo person.being a perfectionist. i am capricorn sign

  10. I am a Virgo, and i defintely love Capricorns especially the one I am with now.

  11. I wish my astronomy with birthday

  12. I’m a scropio & I’m dating a virgo guy & so far its been gr8.

  13. im a virgo. a lot of these things match me and a couple don’t . I thing me as a virgo gets looked over again .im softhearted and I really get along with anyone even if they are not cool with me. and im not really the shy person as they stated.

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