Zodiac Signs and Important Dates In Year 2012


Here you will find all the zodiac signs and important dates in Year 2012. These dates can help you to find your horoscope. One can also use these dates to start their new business deals, studies, marriage etc.

On 1st January: Mars will be in Virgo until 3rd July 2012

On 6th January: Pluto will come out of its shadow at 7°30′ in Capricorn until 9th April 2011

On 8th January: Mercury will step in Capricorn

On 9th January: There will be full Moon at 18° 26′ Cancer

On 14th January: Venus steps in Pisces

On 20th January: Sun steps in Aquarius

On 23rd January: There will be new Moon at 2° 42′ in Aquarius

On 23rd January: Mars will retrograde at 23° 06′ in Virgo

On 27th January: Mercury steps in Aquarius

On 7th February: Saturn becomes retrograde at 29° 30′ in Libra

On 7th February: There will be full Moon at 18° 32′ in Leo

On 8th February: Venus steps in Aries

On 13th February: Mercury steps in Pisces

On 14th February: Jupiter at 4° 32′ in Taurus sextile with Chiron at 4° 32′ in Pisces

On 19th February: Sun steps in Pisces

On 21st February: new Moon at 2° 42′ in Pisces

On 2nd March: Mercury steps in Aries

On 5th March: Venus steps in Taurus

On 8th March: full Moon at 18° 13′ in Virgo

On 12th March: Mercury will retrograde Aries at 6° 49′

On 13th March: Jupiter at 9° 21′ in Taurus trines with Pluto at 9° 21′ in Capricorn

On 14th March: Mars at 9° in Virgo retrograde trines Jupiter at 9° in Taurus

On 15th March: Mars at 9° in Virgo retrograde trines Pluto at 9° in Capricorn

On 18th March: Jupiter comes out of its Shadow at 10° 20′ in Taurus until September 2011

On 20th March: Sun steps in Aries

On 22nd March: There will be new Moon in Aries at 2° 22′

On 23rd March: mercury will retrograde Pisces

On 3rd April: Venus steps in Gemini

On 4th April: Mercury will direct towards Gemini at 23° 51′

On 6th April: There will be full Moon for Libra at 17° 23′

On 11th April: Pluto becomes stationary retrograde at 9°34′ in Capricorn

On 14th April: Mars moves direct at 3° in Virgo

On 16th April: Mercury steps in Aries

On 19th April: Sun steps in Taurus

On 21st April: There will be new Moon for Taurus at 1° 35′

On 5th May: full Moon at 16° 1′ for Scorpio

On 7th May: Jupiter at 21° 53′ in Taurus will make semi square with Uranus at 6° 53′

On 9th May: Mercury steps in Taurus

On 12th May: Pluto at 9° 18′ in Capricorn in sextile with Chiron at 9° 18′ in Pisces

On 15th May: Venus retrograde Gemini at 24° 0′

On 16th May: Jupiter at 23° 59′ in Taurus in Quincunx with Saturn in Libra at 23° 59′

On 16th May: Mars at 9° in Virgo trines Pluto at 9° in Capricorn

On 20th May: Sun steps in Gemini

On 20th May: New Moon (solar eclipse) in Gemini at 0° 21′

On 24th May: Mercury enters Gemini

On 4th June: There will be full Moon in Sagittarius at 14° 14′ with partial lunar eclipse

On 5th June: Neptune becomes retrograde at 3° 9′ in Pisces

On 7th June: Mercury steps in Cancer

On 11th June: Jupiter steps in Gemini

On 12th June: Chiron retrograde Pisces at 9° 45′

On 19th June: ne Moon for Gemini at 28° 43′

On 20th June: Sun steps in Cancer

On 24th June: Uranus at 8°23′ in Aries squares Pluto in retrograde at 8°23′ in Capricorn

On 25th June: Jupiter at 3° in Gemini squares Neptune at 3° in Pisces

On 25th June: Saturn directs at 22° 46′ in Libra

On 25th June: Mercury steps in Leo

On 27th June: Venus directs in Gemini at 7° 29′

On 3rd July: Mars steps in Libra

On 3rd July: There will be full Moon in Capricorn at 12° 14′

On 13th July: Uranus becomes retrograde at 8°32′ in Aries

On 14th July: Mercury retrogrades at 12° 33′ in Leo

On 17th July: Mars at 7° in Libra squares Pluto at 7° in Capricorn

On 18th July: Jupiter at 7° 48′ in Gemini Quincunx Pluto at 7° 48′ in Capricorn

On 18th July: Mars at 7° in Libra trines Jupiter at 7° in Gemini

On 18th July: There will be new Moon in Cancer at 26° 55′

On 19th July: Mars at 8° in Libra opposes Uranus 8° Aries

On 21st July: Jupiter at 8° 30′ in Gemini sextile with Uranus at 8° 30′ in Aries

On 22nd July: Sun steps in Leo

On 22nd July: Jupiter 8° Gemini sextile Uranus 8° Aries

On 24th July: Jupiter at 8° 57′ in Gemini squares with Chiron at 8° 57′ in Pisces

On 1st August: There will be full Moon for Aquarius at 10° 15′

On 7th August: Venus steps in Cancer

On 8th August: Mercury direct Leo at 1° 26′

On 15th August: Mars 24°47′ Libra conjunct Saturn 24°47′ Libra

On 17 August: There will be new Moon for Leo at 25° 8′

On 22nd August: Sun steps in Virgo

On 23rd August: Mars enters Scorpio

On 26th August: Mars at 1°42′ in Scorpio trines with Neptune at 1°42′ in Pisces

On 31st August: There will be full moon for Pisces at 8° 34′

On 31st August: Mercury steps in Virgo

On 3rd September: Mars at 7° in Scorpio in sextile with Pluto at 7° in Capricorn

On 6th September: Pluto at 6° 59′ in Capricorn sextile with Chiron at 6° 59′ in Pisces

On 6th September: Venus steps in Leo

On 15th September: There will new Moon for Virgo at 23° 37′

On 16th September: Mercury steps in Libra

On 18th September: Pluto in direct at 6° 57′ for Capricorn until 21st December 2011

On 19th September: Uranus at 6° 57′ in Aries retrograde squares Pluto 6°57′ Capricorn

On 22th September: Sun steps in Libra

On 29th September: There will be full Moon for Aries at 7° 22′

On 3rd October: Venus steps in Virgo

On 4th October: Jupiter retrograde in Gemini at 16° 23′

On 5th October: Mercury steps in Scorpio

On 5th October: Saturn steps in Scorpio

On 5th October: Jupiter retrograde at 16°23′ in Gemini

On 6th October Mars steps in Sagittarius

On 11th October: Saturn 0°37′ Scorpio trines Neptune 0°37′ Pisces

On 15th October: Mars 5° Sagittarius trines Uranus 5° Aries

On 15th October: There will be new Moon for Libra at 22° 32′

On 22nd October: Sun steps in Scorpio

On 28th October: Venus steps in Libra

On 28th October: Mars at 15° in Sagittarius opposes Jupiter at 15° in Gemini

On 29th October: Mercury steps in Sagittarius

On 29th October: There will be full Moon for Taurus at 6° 48′

On 6th November: Mercury retrograde at 4° 18′ in Sagittarius

On 11th November: Neptune in direct with Pisces at 0°22′

On 13th November: There will be New Moon (Total Solar Eclipse) at 21° 57′ for Sagittarius

On 14th November: Mercury retrograde in Scorpio

On 14th November: Chiron in direct with Pisces at 4° 59′

On 15th November: Saturn at 4° 55′ in Scorpio quincunx Uranus at 4° 55′ in Aries

On 16th November: Saturn at 4° 59′ in Scorpio trines with Chiron at 4° 59′ in Pisces

On 17th November: Mars enters Capricorn

On 17th November: Mars 0°22′ Capricorn sextile Neptune 0°22′ Pisces

On 21st November: Sun steps in Sagittarius

On 21st November: Venus steps in Scorpio

On 23rd November: Mars 4° Capricorn squares Uranus 4° Aries

On 24th November: Mars 5° Capricorn sextile Saturn 5° Scorpio

On 26th November: Mercury direct Scorpio at 18° 10′

On 27th November: Mars 8° Capricorn conjunct Pluto 8° Capricorn

On 28th November: There will be full Moon (lunar eclipse) for Gemini at 6° 47′

On 10th December: Mercury steps in Sagittarius

On 13th December: There will be new Moon for Sagittarius

On 13th December: Uranus in direct at 4°37′ Aries

On 15th December: Venus steps in Sagittarius

On 20th December: Jupiter at 8° 56′ In Gemini quincunx with Pluto at 8° 56′ in Capricorn

On 25th December: Mars steps in Aquarius

On 26th December: Saturn at 9° 09′ in Scorpio sextile with Pluto at 9° 09′ in Capricorn

On 27th December: Saturn 9°8′ Scorpio sextile Pluto 9°8′ Capricorn

On 28th December: There will be full Moon at 7° 06′ in Cancer

On 31st December: Mercury steps in Capricorn




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