Zodiac Signs and Their Meanings


Zodiac signs have been part of our life from long time. Some people believe it while some not. Every zodiac sign is unique and has some meaning for its uniqueness. One can easily predict a person’s zodiac sign by looking at his way of communicating and living. If you want to have that ability then here is the quick guide to all the zodiac signs and their meanings:


Date: 20th March – 20th April

Aries people are represented by The Ram. They are short tempered and aggressive in nature. Win is must for such people and they would do anything for that. They have strong physical body and highly active brain. With such personality they easily inherit good leading capabilities. Generally they are innocent, kind and loving. Aries people lack patience and consistency.


Date: 20th April – 20th May

Taurus people are represented by The Bull. Taurus people are strong and athletic. They can work for long hours. They are realistic and positive in nature. They want to earn good amount of money. Generally they will prefer to work alone so that nobody will interfere between them. They will look to select traditional methods which can give guaranteed success. Taurus people are caring and romantic people. They like cooking, decorating and travelling.


Date: 22nd may – 21st June

Gemini people are represented by The Twins. They are good in communicating; they can also manipulate and use this ability for their own gain. They are friendly and active people. They are also gifted with intelligence and quickness. They easily get mixed with anyone. They need constant changes to have interesting life. They often have many thoughts in their mind which can make keep them confused sometimes.


Date: 22nd June – 22nd July

Cancer people are load of emotions. They long range of emotions and one can see them in number of moods every time. They are best when they are positive and miserable when confused. They need constant attention from their loved ones and friends otherwise they tend to make their own opinion about others and feel less favorite than others. They like taking care of others but this can also make them possessive too. They are peace loving creatures.


Date: 23rd July – 22nd August

Leo people are represented by Lion. They have brave, courageous and positive personality thus they find many admirers. They like to see such appreciation and it boosts their confidence. They can also be rude and dominating in nature. They crave for royal life style. They may show hard working and enthusiastic nature but they are also lazy people. They can get angry very quickly but they also calms down at same speed. They show warm gesture to people they meet.


Date: 23rd August – 22nd September

Virgo people are represented by a Virgin girl. They are practical people with ambitious nature. Virgo people like to learn new things. They like to have stable and firm life. They have calm and composed nature. They tend to point out other people’s error but neglect their mistakes. They like to achieve perfection in their work and they would take as much time they require completing their work. They may not be much expressive people but they can easily make friends with their honest and humorous nature.


Date: 23rd September – 22nd October

Libra people are represented by The Scales. Libra people have very good reasoning abilities. They like to take part in any discussions and win it. They also like to gather information from around. Libra people have good looks or at least warm and welcoming face to win heart of other people. They are said to be indecisive people but once they become mature enough they can easily handle any difficulties. They are kind and live in harmony. Relationship means a lot for them.


Date: 23rd October – 21st November

Scorpio people are represented by The Scorpio. Scorpio people are intellectual, smart and intriguing. They can either have extremely positive, determined and social personality or very dark, cruel and mean personality. Scorpio people can have secretive nature. It is difficult to predict them and more difficult to hide anything from them. They have analytical nature and can quickly identify wrong intentions. Jealousy and controlling comes naturally to them. They are very protective to their loved ones.


Date: November – 21st December

Sagittarius people are represented by The Centaur. Sagittarius people are positive, outgoing and freedom loving people. They like adventure sports and challenging tasks. They may get trapped in problems but their optimism and determination always show them path to get away safely. This may be the reason why they are called lucky people. Sagittarius people live their life to fullest and will not tolerate any domination. They have good humor and honest nature.


Date: 22nd December – 20th January

Capricorn people are represented by The Wild Goat. Capricorn people are highly practical and success oriented people. They crave for materialistic success. They can show consistency, patience, hard work and intelligence all in one! But when they have all of this attributes they tend lack emotional sides. With some time they may become little expressive. Capricorn people have caring nature but most of the time they fail to show it. They can make loyal partner in long relationship.


Date: 21st January – 19th February

Aquarius people are represented by The Water Bearer. Aquarius people crave for intelligence and creativity. They are constantly working on something. They have ability to think of unique and impossible things. They show optimism and determination to complete those tasks. They may show detached and lazy nature but when they find anything interesting they charge up again to work. They can have friendly nature but they will not be ready to be in committed relationship.


Date: 20th February – 20th March

Pisces people are calm and caring in nature. They show positive approach towards their life which helps them to succeed in any task. They are also well helped by their ability to adapt and learn quickly. They like to be in their comfortable zone but can become violent or sad if anyone tries to control them. They are sensitive people who can get hurt easily.

I guess my article was helpful to you and you have found what you were looking for.


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